The Music

Like most music nerds, I used to spend hours perched by the stereo with a box of Maxell XL-II cassettes, concocting the perfect mixtape -- annual mixes, single artist mixes, "theme" mixes (songs about cars! loud songs!) -- for friends and family (but mostly for myself).

In the age of CD-Rs, it became easier -- no more taping in real time, watching the tape reels as they spun around, struggling to find a song that would perfectly squeeze into the remaining space before the tape flip without running over.

These days, I've cut way back -- who still plays CDs? Spotify makes it simple to create online playlists, though some of the magic is gone -- no 80 minute time constraints, no permanence once you've burned the disc, and you're limited by what's available on the streaming service.  I still make myself the occasional CD mix, but I'll also throw together a Spotify copy for travel, the gym, or sharing with others.

You can see my playlists on my Spotify page... but I'm gradually linking them on the pages that follow.  Enjoy!



Annual mixes 1966-1992


Annual mixes 1993-2019


Genre and other thematic playlists


Introductory artist playlists


Cover songs, yay!


Soundtracks for non-existent (so far) films.