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Spotify Playlists: Reimagined Albums

The Beatles: Sgt. Pepper Reconfigured

The Beatles:
Let It Be, Revisited

The Beatles:
Revolver Revolved

Big Star:
Radio Cosmos

David Bowie:
The Berlin Trilogy

The Clash:
Sandinista Mixdown!

Kim Deal + Tanya Donelly:
Last Star

Flaming Lips + Mercury Rev:
Deserter's Bulletin

Garden State:
The Alternative Soundtrack

Grateful Dead:
Ramble On Rose

Harold & Maude:
The Re-Imagined Soundtrack

The Kinks:
This Is Where I Belong

Magnetic Fields:
23 Love Songs

New Order:
Movement Revisited

Olivia Tremor Control:
Sunshine System

Watery Majestic LP

Wowee Zowee Re-Imagined

Brighter Corners

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