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Spotify Playlists: Theme Mixes

The classic mixtape -- 90 minutes or so of music arranged by style, era, or whatever feels right.

Harmonic Convergence

NOW That's What I Call Power Pop!

Kick Out The Jangles, Motherf*****

Ultimate Bubblegum

Music For Insomniacs

The Best Of The Worst Of The Seventies

Sgt. Piper's Satanic Sorrow: UK Psyche

All Glammed Up & No Place To Go

FCC Approved: An Instrumental Sampler

Ugh, It's The High School Mix

100 Seconds Or Less...

The Starbucks At The Edge Of The Universe

Do The Diddley!

Second Bananas

Seventies Pop Thing

Baroque & Roll

90s Alt.Rock Radio Killed My Dog

The Paisley Underground

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