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Spotify Playlists: Theme Mixes

The classic mixtape -- 90 minutes or so of music arranged by style, era, or whatever feels right.

Harmonic Convergence

NOW That's What I Call Power Pop!

Kick Out The Jangles, Motherf*****

Ultimate Bubblegum

Music For Insomniacs

The Best Of The Worst Of The Seventies

Sgt. Piper's Satanic Sorrow: UK Psyche Mix

All Glammed Up & No Place To Go

FCC Approved: An Instrumental Sampler

Sleeping Through The SAT: The High School Mix

100 Seconds Or Less...

The Starbucks At The Edge Of The Universe

Do The Diddley!

Second Bananas

Seventies Pop Thing

The Pandemic Lockdown Happy Joy Mix

90s Alt.Rock Radio Killed My Dog

The Paisley Underground

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