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Spotify Playlists: Theme Mixes

Harmonic Convergence


One of my favorite mixes. I'm a sucker for harmonies, what can I say?

An Instrumental Sampler


Ideal for working, none of those pesky lyrics to distract you, but still chock full of great and varied rock & roll.

The Best of the Worst of the 70s


Revisit my childhood with me -- just some poor ten-year-old kid sitting in his bedroom with an AM transistor radio, assuming that this was the greatest rock & roll ever known to mankind.

Music for Insomniacs


I've been plagued by chronic insomnia my entire life. This helps.

Sgt. Piper's Satanic Sorrow


One of my favorite musical eras; a sampler of great British psychedelic music from the late 60s.

All Glammed Up & No Place To Go


Gettin' that 70s glam thing goin' on.  The usual suspects (Bowie, T.Rex) and a few surprises.

Do The Diddley


Dig that Bo Diddley beat?  Here's a surprisingly varied collection of songs all rocking that rhythm, everyone from the Who to Bow Wow Wow, Springsteen to Bowie to the Clash.

Goddamn Right, It's A Beautiful Day


Curated amidst the March 2020 coronavirus shelter-in-place, it's the relentlessly happy upbeat joy mix to fight those pandemic lockdown blues.

Paisley Underground in the 80s


Back in the 80s, I fell for all those West Coast bands who dug into their 60s record collections, updating the music into a blend of garage rock and psychedelia and Americana and jangly college radio pop.

100 Seconds Or Less


Honestly, if you can't through the chorus and a couple verses in about a minute and a half, you're not doing it right. 90 songs in 2 hours or so, none outwearing their welcome.

From Sister Ray to Roadrunner


Songs built around a familiar 2- or 3-chord progression. The Velvet Underground rocked the riff for over 17 minutes on "Sister Ray"; Jonathan Richman simplified it and sped it up for "Roadrunner"; and Wire slowed it down to a dirge-lake pace.

Starbucks at the Edge of the Universe


A collection of coffee shop-friendly tunes, predominantly acoustic guitars and pianos; songs new and old, with just enough edge to satisfy the laptop-bearing young urban hipster.

Second Bananas


Most bands have one (maybe two) primary songwriters and/or vocalists. Here are a bunch of songs by the other guys. Includes the Who, the Clash, the Jam, the Beatles, Pavement, Guided by Voices, Pixies, etc.

Kick Out The Jangles, Motherf*cker


My college radio 80s were dominated by all those jangly guitar pop bands, R.E.M. and the Connells and Guadalcanal Diary and Winter Hours and a million others.

Seventies Pop Thing


The early days of power pop, featuring Paul McCartney, Big Star, Badfinger, Todd Rundgren, the Raspberries, and more.

90s Alt.Rock Radio Killed My Dog


Guilty pleasures, or just plain bad? A bit of both. Some one-hit wonders, as well as songs from long-running artists that somehow sound like 90s one-hit wonders.

Neo-Pop for Pure People


A sampler from the collective of loosely-affiliated indie pop bands known as the Elephant 6, primarily drawn from their early 90s lo-fi recordings.

Now That's What I Call Power Pop


An ongoing, evolving playlist of chiming power pop songs then and now.

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